This is a list of contributors from Bremen, Germany.

Foto 13.08.06 11 44 03klaus bötig

The world is his playing and working field, Bremen is his base. Klaus has written more than 130 travel books. Most of them cover Greece, Cyprus, Malta or Northern Germany, some of them have been translated into English (Marco Polo Travel Guides). At the moment he works on a book about the remotest parts of Greece.


gabriela meyer

Was too excited to sleep and started this blog.  Studied journalism, flew all around the world for Deutsche Lufthansa, founded Modern Life Seminars, cannot live without her laptop, truly loves music, traveling and the light in Greece.



judith hagedorn

Judith lives and works in Bremen as a freelance graphic designer, copywriter and lecturer at a private art school. She prefers to live in the present rather than the future, loves English humor, is a fan of Tim & Struppi, deals with psychology and philosophy and finds that communication is infinitely exciting in all its facets.


natalie Peter

Natalie is a freelance illustrator, artist and a former lawyer living in Bremen. She produces beautiful artwork and teaches her clients how to draw. She loves travelling and adores driving with her open-topped cabriolet in the sunshine.




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