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SUN & SEA LOVER (Creator of this blog)

Founder Modern Life Seminars, studied journalism, worked as PR-Coordinator for a private University, offers workshops and coachings on Social Media, business etiquette and soft skills, flew all around the world for Deutsche Lufthansa, cannot live without her laptop, wrote a book about modern manners (Modern Life Etikette. Moderne Umgangsformen, erfolgreiche Selbstpräsentation und digitale Etikette), truly loves music, reading, painting furniture and the light in Greece.

The eternal present moment 
Here’s a true hot spot! I love to loose myself there along with beautiful music. In the moment and in my dreams. Nobody can enter that place, just me. With my mind I can travel to the sea, over mountains and across all borders, even in another universe. Somewhere i read: „Every present moment is a new creation, an unrelated and gratuitous moment-to-moment mystery, a blessing and the miracle of existence! Tomorrow is a thing of the past and yesterday will never come!“ The eternal present moment is a little treasure to me. Not only during the summer, but also during cold wintertimes. Not too bad, uh?

Café Rilke, Fischerhude 
Only 20 kilometres away from Bremen lies the picturesque village of Fischerhude. Old half-timbered houses, cobbled streets, an ancient canopy of trees and tiny brooks define the character of Fischerhude. It’s a spot for painters and artists with beautiful landscapes and traditional hand-made wares. One of my favorite places in Fischerhude is „Café in Rilke-House“. It has a colorful summer garden filled with beautiful flowers and views of the north arm of the Wümme River. Inside you can find old wood floors, tile stoves and a fireplace, original wall frescos. I love to come here in Winter and Summer season. In Winter, after a walk in the snow, to sit inside next to the cosy fireplace drinking a cup of hot chocolate. In Summer to enjoy this rural idyll, sitting under an apple tree, enjoying the fragrances of the flowers, home made apple cake and drinking Darjeeling Tea with friends. Being here makes me think that time stopped. Click here for the Opening hours

Panagitsa Church, Athens 
Whenever I am in Athens I visit The church of the Assumption of the Virgin (Panagitsa) on Achilleos Street in Paleo Faliron. It´s a large impressive church that copies the prototype of Aghia Sophia in Istanbul. The first church was built in 1930 and burned down in 1969. I adore the small, tiny greek churches but Panagitsa is a special place for me. It´s located near to were my grandparents used to life. As children we met and played outside the church with other kids and our friends, eating vanilla ice cream or Souflaki and watching weddings. So, when i come here, I will always go inside Panagitsa, light up a candle, and sit down for a while. It´s like a meditation, a home coming feeling with beautiful memories. Remembering is the proof that we’re alive and that sometimes it may be sweet to be nostalgic. Nearby Panagitsa, close to the seaside, you can find a Patisserie called „Prapas Sweet Home“. This Patisserie is famos in Athens and has a long tradition. My family used to go here since i can remember. Should you visit Panagitsa, go here, order a cool Frappé and try some Kataifi. Now there is much more traffic then during the good old times, but still the sweets are one of the best, home made and delicious. (Εκπληκτικά παραδοσιακά γλυκά. Το ιδανικό στέκι της „γειτονιάς“ για καφέ … has been closed in 2020, so sad, where do i go now?)

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