„Being open and honest about what you like is the best way to connect with people“

3 Questions @GabrielaMeyer (creator of this blog)


1. Gabriela, why did you create 3 Favourites?

The best thing for me is to be surrounded by people who are better than me. People that know things I don’t. Who have been to places I never went to. I love to exchange and connect with other people, in order to learn from them. Being curious and asking questions gives me energy, feelings and the possibility to grow. That is somehow how I got the idea for 3 favourites.

2. Do you like to visit new places?

I believe we have to visit new places, speak and exchange with other people in order to know ourselves better – in order to move on to where we want to be with all our heart. What we gain in return from traveling is a collection of experiences and memories, a precious knowledge that we can pass on to others, so they do better and faster then we did. It is never wrong to be inspired by others who muddled through life before us. But I also need my “old places”, sweet places where I feel at home and everything is familiar. Athens for example is such a place, also Bremen were i live near a lake, and have my own little beach.

3. What does traveling mean to you?

The meaning changed. For five years of my life I travelled around the globe for Deutsche Lufthansa. The most luxurious hotels from Sydney to Tokyo were my home. At the same time my colleagues and I faced heart breaking poverty from Africa to India. The way I see traveling changed over the time. How precious home and family is, one realizes far away.

Like day and night, sleep and work, leaving and coming home need each other and are one. If you never leave or never come home, something is wrong. When I was younger, I would reach a destination and after 10 minutes wanted to jump onto the next plane and travel somewhere new in order not to miss anything; like a hungry bird. This has changed through traveling. I can now sit just peacefully on one non-fancy plastic chair and that is totally fine.


The most important thing: Thanks to my friends and contributors, who took the time to write down their three favourite places! It means a lot to me. Besides that: Love is necessary. Generosity is important. Squeezing lemon on meat is never wrong. Not obeying rules is fun. Being human and supporting others is probably everything.

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