klaus boetig



The world is his playing and working field, Bremen is his base. Klaus has written over 130 travel books. Most of them cover Greece, Cyprus, Malta or Northern Germany; some of them have been translated into English (Marco Polo Travel Guides). At the moment he works on a book about the remotest parts of Greece.

Cape Drastis, Corfu, Greece Blue, green and white are the colors that dominate the northwestern tip of the enchanted Greek island of Corfu. It is a vivid landscape dotted with small boats tugging along, big ferries and luxurious cruise-liners passing by on their way between Italy and the Hellenic world. The high mountains of the Greek and Albanian mainland are snow-covered in winter time, the small yet inhabited islands of Othoni, Erikoussa und Mathraki look like step-stones in between the realms of ancient Gods Zeus and Jupiter.

Dwejra, Gozo, Malta 
At the west coast of the tiny Maltese island of Gozo right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea you find a natural rock gate, shaped by the sea over milleniums. Under your feet you notice petrified shells and fish, witnesses of an era when homo erectus was not yet around. There is a small inland lake the Gozitans call >Inland Sea< just a few yards away from the coastline. The more adventurous could join a boatsman there and pass through a dark rock-tunnel shaken by eternal surf out to the natural arch and even further on to another rock surrounded by waves, on which the Knights Hospitallers of the order of St. John collected a rare species of fungus in former times to cure wounds.

River Wuemme, Bremen, Germany 
The small northern German river Wuemme may give up its name to a bigger sister, but its final stretch resembles much longer and wider rivers like those in the rain forests of Borneo or Amazonia. Its banks are incredibly green, its fast flowing waters carry breaches and even trunks of trees with them. Even more fascinating is the miraculous fact that it is changing the direction it flows twice a day: Twice a day it runs towards the sea for some more than six hours, then it tries to return to its springs. That is due to the tides, that reach from the North Sea down here some 50 miles away from the sea. You do not need your smart phone any more to be entertained- nature delivers the best program. My favorite place at river Wuemme is the beautiful beergarden of restaurant-cafe „Wümmeblick Höftdeich„.

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