natalie peter

Portrait_zugeschnitten_Natalie PeterILLUSTRATOR

Natalie is a freelance illustrator, artist and a former lawyer living in Bremen. She produces beautiful artwork and teaches her clients how to draw. She loves travelling and adores driving with her open-topped cabriolet in the sunshine. If there is some free time, she likes to spend it with her friends, going out, shopping and having fun. The beautiful and colorful drawings you see below are illustrated by Natalie.


Schlachte Bremen_Natalie PeterWeser River, Bremen, Germany A river always flowing and behind each river bend a different view is hidden. For reviving and finding new inspiration I enjoy to promenade along the Weser especially during autumn when the leaves are changing their colours and the sunlight makes them shimmer in golden light. In the wintertime I like the silhouettes of the trees and their bare branches in the half-light. So I use every occasion to be at the river as often as it’s possible. In the summertime I also enjoy being near the Weser. The place I favour is called „Schlachte“. Putting on my sunglasses looking at the water and eating Tapas – feels like a leave day at the sea.
Fehmarn_Natalie PeterCafé Sorgenfrei, Fehman Island, Germany Fehmarn is an island in the Baltic Sea with pure turquoise silver sparkling water and a whitesanded beach that invites one to take a walk barefoot. From the northeastern top of the island you can almost adumbrate the nearby Denmark. For me worth visiting is the „Café Sorgenfrei“ close to the beach with free sight to the sea. Indeed it’s possible to forget all the troubles and let the dust of the daily routine blow away by a gentle breeze.
Schwarze Oliven_Natalie PeterPalma de Mallorca, Spain Because of its proximity to the sea for me Palma de Mallorca is a place to recreate. The sun, the beach, the sea – the Water is sparkling and while I’m having a view to the marina or to the cathedral „La Seu“ I realize I’m on vacation and able to relax and enjoy. Then it’s time for shopping. Inside the old town with its small alleys and hidden corners you can discover a lot. And after that, Tapas served in one of that tiny taverns are delightful as refreshment.