martin weigert


Martin is a fan of the connected age. He was born in the best year of music ever (1983). He grew up in Berlin, now officially lives in Stockholm and travels a lot. Martin writes about technology. His newsletter about Swedish tech startups you can find here:



Skinnarviksberget, Stockholm 
This is a great place to sit on a warm summer evening and have a beer or glass of wine (which you have to bring yourself). The view over central Stockholm is great, as is the sunset. You most likely have to share this little hill with lots of other Swedes (and some tourists), so do not expect privacy. However, Swedes infamously do not interact too much with strangers, so you will be let alone if you want to come here with your significant other for a romantic sunset.

Strandvägen, Stockholm 
Obviously this is an extremely touristic place which most people who visit Stockholm will walk along at least once anyway. But that does not make the experience less atmospheric. The historical architecture of the buildings along the street, the numerous old and new boats on the water, the great view of other parts of central Stockholm and lots of opportunities for people-watching make this an essential spot.

Sigtuna, Sweden 
Sigtuna is technically outside of Stockholm, but still within reach through public transport. This little medieval town resembles many popular stereotypes about how Sweden looks like, with lots of green around, red and white wooden buildings and a long history. As Stockholm resident one most likely does not frequently make a trip to Sigtuna. But for those visiting the Swedish capital and looking for the full Sweden experience, a day trip is recommended.