Chrishina Siya


Chrishina works for a Technology Consulting Business and in her private life has a passion for styling, fashion, languages and music. She loves being creative and previously worked as a stylist for fashion shows, photoshootings, and magazines. Growing up she was a member of a gospel choir, and since then music has been her haven and a way to express her feelings. According to Chrishina, „new people, cultures and languages are the most underrated enrichments of life“. Live in the moment and enjoy all of it is her motto.


Cafe Marshalls Mum, Leipzig 
 People with a sweet tooth should definitely try the little cupcakes and petits fours they have to offer at Marshalls Mum. The atmosphere reminds you of a lovely sunday at your mum’s or your grandma’s with the mesmerizing smell of fresh pie and hot chocolate. All of the products are homemade, so you can literally taste the love and quality while enjoying a warm cup of tea or a good coffee with a red velvet cupcake. Such attention to detail makes you feel at home immediately, especially when you’re looking for a nice café to enjoy your book while getting sun-kissed on the terrace. Three insider tips: (1) They don’t make any reservations, but you should be fine when you’re looking for a table during the week. (2) Try cupcake “Frida” and “Fritzi”. (3) They also have vegan treats./

New York City, USA 
Words cannot express the love I feel for this city. Everything is big and bright. I never really understood the hype about this city and why everybody kept calling New York the “Big Apple” until I planned my first trip to the USA, starting in New York. You will see Entrepreneurs working like crazy to stand out from the crowd, the hottest people on the streets, the coolest fashion trends, bold, reckless and unique styles. It’s so refreshing to see people just minding their own business and rocking their individuality like they don’t care. You want to start a business by trading bananas – go for it! You want to own a restaurant with a crazy concept – try it! You like wearing socks with your peeptoe high heels – be you, girl! Anything is possible as long as you dream big in this city. Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Jordan, Woody Allen, Jacky O – they were not afraid to think big and became famous. But that’s not all that New York has to offer. Pretty Christmas decorations, long walks through Central Park, the funny naked cowboy on Times Square and of course the statue of liberty give New York its own particular charm. There are so many more things that make me fall in love over and over again but all in all: I love me some Big Apple 😉

Venice, Italy 
I was 17 years old when I went to Venice for the first time. I didn’t know much about art, architecture or good wine. I just liked the city but nothing further than that. The second time I had the possibility to visit bella Venice was just overwhelming. I just loved everything about it. Italians hospitality is beyond words, they welcome you to their table like you’ve known each other for years! I was flashed by the grace and elegance Venetians represent, but most of all by the warmth they bestow on tourists. Everything is located within a short distance. From Canal Grande you can reach different bridges such as the Rialto Bridge. A total must see! A must do for all the lovebirds would be a romantic gondola ride because the rides really are as magical as we all see in movies. Another landmark to me is Piazza San Marco. Everything seems so majestic, full of traditions and long customs, it’s just wonderful.  To quote Truman Capote: “Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”