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Helen lives on the beautiful greek island Samos. She is a member of Unesco as a cultural delegate in Samos. Together with a friend she established a convivium of slow food international in Samos and supports the idea of good clean and fair food. In her free time she designs beautiful crochet amigurumi and crafts.




SamospotamiPotami, Samos Island One of my favorite places  in Samos is called the  “Potami”. It has also a beach with the same name looking at the Turkish coast, which in the 19 century was inhabited by Greeks. The beach is pretty with all the vivid colors of small stones. Behind it a forest begins. The water of a small river empties it´s waters into the sea. Along the River created waterfalls. There is a very nice path with dense vegetation that leads to the largest waterfall. To find the source, one must walk into the water, about 200 meters … This place offers a wonderful combination: a beautiful beach, a creek, waterfalls and also very importantly, a small chapel of the 15th century to the beginning of the path, dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Saviour.
5bc22b5e8145e204d9ea2dfe85f6bb3eLekka & Pandrossos, Samos Island Visiting the villages Lekka and Pandrossos of the island Samos as a spokes person of the Slow food Samos brings along unique experiences by meeting ordinary people of the villages. I love to be there. The people i meet here, tell me stories about their daily life, the problems they deal with, their joys and i get to listen to beautiful childhood memories. I am tasting and collecting traditional recipes such as pancakes with grated cheese, chickpea, and special pork or goat recipes.
1b1d6e1685c66a3f1f1b68d8850db82aOpen Air Cinema Cine Thission, Athens Only five hundred meters away from Acropolis, following a charming cobblestone path, is the most beautiful open-air cinema that I have ever visited in my life. It´s called „Cine Thission“. It has beautiful painted wooden chairs and tables per two or three seats. All around the walls are covered with honeysuckle, jasmine, geranium, ivy. Smells incredible!!! Feels unique in being in the holiest and most beautiful area of Athens. You can eat the morsel that are prepared each night by the owners and enjoy.