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Kristina was raised in Albania, is half Greek and studied Applied Mathematics in Bremen. She calls herself a tech geek, loves meeting new people, writing, is a passionate cook and loves traveling. She has been in the US, Greece, Macedonia, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, her next destination is Nepal. She wants to dare everyone to do one thing out of their comfort zone a day and see how beautifully will life surprise you.


Monastir Sarande, Albania 
This is my little paradise. Monastir is a little beach next to my hometown and I have been going there for as long as I can remember. The water is very clean and it is never too crowded, which I very much like. At the mountain that rises above the sea is a small monastery (thus the name of the place). The thing I like about this place is that it is small, not too far from the city yet private. At the sight there is a small hotel and restaurant that serves the most delicious fish! 

blueeyeButrinti, Sarande, Albania
 For those who love history, Albania has a lot to offer. Butrint National Park was inscribed on the UNESCO list in 1948 and except the monuments and archeology, is located in the heart of nature. The ancient city has influences from the Greeks and Romans and that can be seen from the ruins still standing.s.

The Blue Eye, Sarande, Albania 
How can someone visit the South and not see the Blue Eye? It is a natural spring in the village of Muzina. Because of its round shape, it was called an ‚eye‘. According to the old legends, in that area lived a scary dragon who kidnapped pretty girls. When they managed to finally kill it, this water sprung from his eye that even today is flowing. The traditional restaurants, the plants, nature and rivers make the area perfect for relaxing.