judith hagedorn


Judith lives and works in Bremen as a freelance graphic designer, copywriter and lecturer at a private art school. She prefers to live in the present rather than the future, loves English humor, is a fan of Tim & Struppi, deals with psychology and philosophy and finds that communication is infinitely exciting in all its facets. From her travels to Asia, the USA, but also a lot within Europe, she took away the importance of constantly discovering new horizons.


Andros, Greece 
When I was 16 years old I came to Greece for the first time and fell in love straight away. In the scent of cedar, rosemary and sea, in the incredible hospitality of the people and their cheerful, chaotic way of life. After that I visited Greece again and again: with my backpack on the Cyclades or Sporades, on Crete and Corfu. Many years later I discovered a delightful island together with a friend, one of my three favourite places: Andros! Andros is the northernmost island of the Greek Cyclades, two hours by ferry from Rafina, Athens. It is green because there are many springs that provide drinking water. Those who love nature and are not afraid of bumpy roads are in good hands here. A wonderful place to recharge your batteries, to empathize with nature and to immerse yourself in the Greek serenity.

Zingst, Germany 
This is the place I associate with total relaxation and tranquility. Everything here in the nature of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, located near Rügen, seems somehow bigger to me: never-ending bicycle routes, trees that are reminiscent of jungle, elongated Baltic Sea waves, endless sandy beach. I fondly remember a summer evening when we simply didn’t go home to our holiday home, but sat with a bottle of wine and a candle long after sunset and watched the twinkling of the stars, our feet buried in the still warm sand. At some point during this vacation I stopped looking at my watch. This was the moment I was completely relaxed.

Barcelona, Spain 
I could visit Barcelona again and again and set a different focus each time. Art, culture, architecture, beach life, nature, shopping, tapas & cava … I particularly enjoyed visiting Park Güell and Casa Batllo created by the exceptional architect and artist Antoni Gaudi. I had to think a little of Hundertwasser and his naive, fantastic view. Barcelona is a happy, diverse, colorful, exciting and beautiful city. In addition to the well-known fashion brands, one can discover many pretty small design labels.